The rival chairmen at Anfield

September 16, 1901
The greatest “gate” and the greatest game was seen at Anfield, where Liverpool encountered Everton – such a dainty dish attracting officers of the Football Association like Mr. C. Crump, Mr. D.B. Woolfall, and Mr. C.J. Hughes. Rarely does the League tourney furnish a better class struggle, and both are entitled to an equal mead of honour.

The chairmen of the rival clubs, whose portraits we present, could both smile at the close of the combat. Mr. William Houlding has been at the helm ever since Liverpool was founded, and he has piloted the ship through many stormy waters. The Everton chairman, Mr. Kelly, has long been associated with the Goodison Park organisation, and is a hard and enthusiastic worker. In his younger days he was known as one of the finest batsman of the Walton club. Both gentlemen are of the best type of sportsmen to be at the head of such great institutions.
(Athletic News: September 16, 1901)



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