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No replay for the Glasgow Cup

October 29, 1901
A curious dispute has arisen over the Glasgow Football Cup final. The match was played between the Celtic and Rangers, on Saturday, and resulted in one of those now – honoured draws. Ibrox was mutually chosen by the clubs.

The Celtic urged that the game should be re-played on their ground, Parkhead; but the Rangers argued that the ground for the final must be Ibrox. Drawn games not affecting the original choice.

The Glasgow Football Association last night by a majority upheld the contention of the Rangers and the Celtic announced that they scratched to their opponents. The Celtic are quite correct in their contention that a ground, although one fixed for a final tie, may be altered in the event of a draw. That has been repeatedly done. But the debatable point was whether Parkhead was the alternative venue. The association would have been wiser to have insisted on the excellent rule of neutral ground, even although the public had been put to some inconvenience.
(Edinburgh Evening News: October 29, 1901)


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