The funeral of Sandy Lang

November 12, 1901
Yesterday noon the remains of Mr. Sandy Lang (Alexander Lang) were laid to rest at the Burnley cemetery. The funeral was of a semi-public character, representatives being present from the institutions with which the deceased was connected.

There were eight mourning coaches and a hearse. The coffin was of oak, with brass mountings. The deceased’s brother, Mr. H. Lang, from Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nuttall, and Mr. and Mrs. Willie Nuttall attended, along with Mrs. Lang, and her two sons.

A short service was conducted at the house by the Rev. B. Winfield, and the Rev. W. Elton performed the last rites at the graveside.

Among those present were Messrs. Whitham, G. Armistead, Barton, Turner, and Bridge, representing the Burnley Licensed Victuallers; representatives of the Oddfellows, of which body Mr. Lang was a member; and several members of the team during the early days of Lang’s association with Burnley, W. Bury, J. McConnell, W. McFettridge, and J. Keenan, and present players, J. Hillman, A. Stewart, T. Morrison, J. Taylor, Davidson, Sawley, and Brunton.

Messrs. Greaves, Metcalfe, Wormwell, Belvere, Mangham, Clough, and Towey were also present.

Wreaths were sent from Mrs. Lang and family, Mrs. Nuttall and family, Mrs. Burton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hillman, Mr. Mangham, the Burnley F.C. the Burnley players, and customers of the house.
(Source: Burnley Express: November 13, 1901)

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