League matches

Liverpool v Stoke 7-0 (League match: January 4, 1902)

January 4, 1902
Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30.
Liverpool – Stoke 7-0 (4-0).
Attendance: 10,000.
Referee: Mr. C.E.Sutcliffe.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Charlie Wilson, William Goldie, John Cox, John T. Hunter, Sam Raybould, Andy McGuigan, Tom Robertson.
Stoke (2-3-5): Leigh Roose, Sam Meredith, Andy Clark, Billy Leech, Sam Ashworth, James Bradley, Freddie Johnson, Tinker Whitehouse, Martin Watkins, Sam Higginson, Len Hales.
The goals: 1-0 McGuigan, 2-0 Raybould (12 min), 3-0 McGuigan, 4-0 McGuigan, 5-0 Raybould (55 min), 6-0 McGuigan, 7-0 McGuigan.

The astonishing character  of the score sheet is mainly attributable to the circumstance that several of the Stoke players showed symptoms of poisoning, the result of partaking of some fish at dinner. Roose, the goalkeeper, had to retire after ten minutes’ play, and in the second half the visitors commenced with seven men only, and the majority of these were far from well. (Manchester Courier, 06-01-1902)

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