Football League meeting (January 8, 1902)

January 8, 1902
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held yesterday at Manchester, Mr. John James Bentley presiding. The following report was received from Mr. Charles Sutcliffe, the referee in the Liverpool v. Stoke match: –

– I was referee on Saturday last in the match Liverpool v. Stoke. Prior to commencing the game Leigh Roose, the Stoke goalkeeper, told he was unwell and had been sick and vomiting through eating fish which had been cooked in a leaden pan. Ten minutes after the commencement of the game he asked permission to leave the ground through illness, which I at once granted. No other player complained, but at half time only seven Stoke players returned. After 11 minutes’ interval one of the players told me the others were unwell. I asked if they were likely to turn out again, and was told they would do so if they were able. After considering the position with the linesmen I decided to continue with the game and await developments, and commenced after an interval of 13 ½ minutes. When the game had progressed nearly ten minutes Watkins, followed closely by Whitehouse, again came on, making nine Stoke players. As I had no complaint from any of the nine, nor any request or suggestion that the game should be stopped, I completed the match. The score at half time was – Liverpool 4 , Stoke 0. Final – Liverpool 7, Stoke 0. After the game I heard more particulars of the players’ illness, the genuineness and seriousness of which cannot be questioned; and possibly the regretted illness of Mr Austerberry, who accompanied the team, may account for there being no request to abandon the match. I think, considering the wording and spirit of Law 12, it was proper course to finish the match and leave the matter with the Committee to say what (if any) further course should be taken.”
(Source: Evening Telegraph: January 9, 1902)

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