Everton Reserves v Liverpool Reserves

January 20, 1902
Owing to the Everton League team playing at Newcastle, and the Anfielders resting at Lytham, the chief association attraction in Liverpool on Saturday was the meeting of the reserves teams at Goodison Park, in the first of their Combination fixtures.

The team faced it each other as follows:
Everton Reserves (2-3-5): Willie Muir, Dickie Boyle, John Watson, Brown, Charles Clark, Bruce Rankin, William Roche, Adam Bowman, John Proudfoot, Johnnie Bone, Harry Singleton.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): William Marshall, Don McCallum, John Glover, Maurice Parry, Charles Wilson, John Davies, C. Stanton, John “Sailor” Hunter, Thomas Green, William White, Charles Satterthwaite.

Boyle won the toss, and Liverpool had to face the sun. Green kicked off, and the Liverpool right got down. Stanton sending over the goal line. Clever work by the Everton right wing was applauded, Davies, however, effecting a clearance, Liverpool relied on the left, but could not get the better of Boyle, and on Bowman and Proudfoot getting away Glover was equally effective.

Proudfoot later passed beautifully to Singleton, who centred accurately, and Bowman shot a yard too high. It was a capital piece of work and deserved a goal. After a long spell of pressure on Marshall’s charge, a good run by Hunter and Stanton enabled Liverpool to attack. A free kick against the former for fouling Rankin again enabled the Blues to press, and with a splendid shot from about twenty five yards Clarke scored the first goal for Everton, the ball going into the corner of the net out of Marshall’s reach.

A moment later the Reds nearly equalised, Muir saving grandly from Green. Hunter got away, but was tipped inside the inside the 12 yards line. A penalty kick was awarded to Liverpool, Wilson shooting into the net. However, one of his own side had crossed the line too soon, and on the kick being retaken, Wilson sent the ball wide. Everton were pressing, when the whistle sounded for the interval. Half time Everton 1 goal, Liverpool nil.

Bowman restarted before an increased attendance, the crowd numbering about 15,000. Everton at once pressed, and Rankin sent in a capital shot, which travelled over the bar. Green made a good effort to get through, but could not beat Boyle at the finish, and White was penalised for fouling Roche. From the free kick Glover headed out from under the bar, but the Reds for some time could not properly clear their lines Bone eventually shooting wide.

Everton were awarded a penalty kick presumably for Wilson handling. Boyle took the kick, but shot outside. However, White had crossed the line before the kick was taken, and on Boyle again trying his luck he beat Marshall and put his side two goals ahead, Everton pressed towards the finish, but they could not score again, and they won by two goals to nil.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: January 20, 1902)

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