Everton v Liverpool 0-2 (FA Cup match)

Thursday, January 30 – 1902
Match: FA Cup, First Round replay, at Goodison Park, kick-off: 14:45.
Everton – Liverpool 0-2 (0-1).
Attendance: 25,000, Gate receipt: £800.
Referee: Mr. J. Lewis.
Everton (2-3-5): George Kitchen, William Balmer, Bert Sharp, Sam Wolstenholme, Tom Booth, Walter Abbott, Jack Sharp, Jack Taylor, Sandy Young, Adam Bowman, Jack Bell.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, Tom J.Robertson, Billy Dunlop, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie, Tom Robertson, John “Sailor” Hunter, Andy McGuigan, John Davies, John Cox.
The goals: 0-1 own goal (Balmer, 41 min.), 0-2 “Sailor” Hunter (53 min)

This replayed tie took place at Goodison Park yesterday afternoon before 25,000 spectators. The weather was crisp, and beautifully fine, and the ground in splendid playing order the game thus being fought out under more favorable climatic conditions than the one last Saturday at Anfield, when a draw of two goals each was the result. Both teams have been in training since that event, the “Blues” at Southport, and Liverpool at Lytham, and the players on entering the area looked in the pink of condition. Eccles and Settle were doubtful starters on the home side and their places were talen by B.Sharp and Bowman. Davies supplementing Fleming as inside left on behalf of Liverpool.
(Liverpool Mercury, 31-01-1902)

1st Half:
** Punctual to time McGuigan kicked off for Liverpool, and the visitors at once took up the aggressive, Balmer tripping the Liverpool centre outside the penalty line. The subsequently free kick, taken by Raisbeck, came to nought, however and Wilson smartly checked an incursion by the Everton left.
** J.Sharp and Taylor made good headway until Dunlop got in the way, but the Evertonians resumed the attack, Taylor running the ball over the line.
** From the ensuing goal kick, Cox and Davies took up the running on behalf of Liverpool, and on the ball going across to Robertson, the latter sent close by the far upright, to the evident relief of the home supporters.
** After a while Everton slackened their efforts, and taking full advantage, the Liverpool forwards opened out the game, the “Blues” defence being severely taxed.
** Shots by Hunter and McGuigan were not far wide of the intended mark, and then the Evertonians had another brief spell, only to be pulled up by Dunlop, who however, made anything but an effective clearance. Goldie completing its work.
** Kitchen saved from Robertson and next Bell shot high over from a free kick.
** Young shot in hard and true for Perkins to effect a clever save, but play really favoured the “Reds.”
** Liverpool still kept play in the opposing half until the ball went over the line, thus enabling the Everton left to make a progressive movement. Robertson got in the way, however, and gave relief, and a further attack on the “Blues” goal followed Kitchen however, from Cox, allowing the ball to go over the line.
** A free kick close in to Everton was the next noticeable item, Perkins saving well at a crucial moment, whilst Dunlop kicked further ahead, the ball going to Bert Sharp, who placed wildly outside.
** Play alternated from end to end, but the shooting was erratic. Abbott on one occasion being woefully wide of the mark, whilst Davies, Cox, and McGuigan were also faulty.
** A sprint by Sharp was brought to a close by an injury to Dunlop, who had the worse of the tussle, but on resuming, Everton dashed off, and Bell shot in. The Liverpool goal, was packed, and on opening could be found, although immediately afterwards the ex-New Brighton player was left with a glorious opening, which was not turned to account.
** GOAL: Four minutes from half-time, the “Reds” had a free kick, which was taken by Raisbeck. Balmer headed in the wrong direction, and had the misfortune to put through his own goal, thus placing Liverpool ahead at the interval.

2nd Half:
** On resuming, Everton worked down, but Bell was speedily dispossession, and the ball was worked to the home left, Cox sending into Kitchen hands from long range, the Everton custodian having no difficulty in clearing.
** In close following the home forwards moved away together, but with Bell practically useless owing to an injured arm the “Reds” goal was not seriously troubled, Perkins allowing the leather to go over the line.
** GOAL: Robertson took a free kick for Liverpool, and after one repulse, Hunter, after initiating the former movements, fastened on the ball and driving past Kitchen, placed Liverpool two goals ahead, the second point coming after play had been in progress eight minutes from the resumption.
** The Evertonians than made a desperate attempt to reduce the lead, but the final efforts were lacking, and Raisbeck and his rear colleagues easily staved off the impending disaster. Dunlop hereabouts put in a couple of might kicks, almost into goal, but none of his forwards were in readiness to take the opportunities afforded and the home goal, for the time at least, escaped further disaster.
** Cox from a corner kick, placed well in front, and some warm play took place. Abbott nipping in to clear, with the result that Taylor and Sharp moved to the other end, Dunlop kicking outside.
** The throw in found Cox travelling towards the Everton goal, McGuigan hitting the upright.
** The home side could make no appreciable headway, and Liverpool easily held their own, being far the better side, with more method in their movements and always threatening danger when in the Everton half.
** Cox was off-side when in a favourable position, and a second free kick was awarded the “Blues” from the same cause. Despite these advantage, however, Everton could make no progress, and it seemed all over, Liverpool monopolising the bulk of the play, which was off an uninteresting character, the “Blues” being now a beaten team.
** Towards the close Hunter ran up and sent to McGuigan, who only had Kitchen to beat, but the ball went sailing over the bar.
** Dunlop kicked well at the other end, and next Cox was pulled up for off-side play.
** Again the home goal experienced an extremely narrow escape from a free kick, but there was no further scoring and Liverpool gained a well deserved victory by 2 goals to nil.

The Gate receipts amounted to £800 making the total of the two games £1600.
(Liverpool Mercury, 31-01-1902)

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