Inter League matches

Birmingham League v Lancashire Combination 3-2 (Inter League: February 1, 1902)

February 1, 1902
Match: Inter League, at The Hawthornes.
Birmingham League – Lancashire Combination 3-2 (1-2).
Birmingham League (2-3-5): Latham (Brierley Hill Alliance), Broughton (Brierley Hill Alliance), Rodway (Aston Villa), Arthur Randle (West Bromwich), Ben Appleby (West Bromwich), Hawkins (Dudley), Joe Jones (Wolves), Fred Buck (West Bromwich), Andrew Smith (West Bromwich), Ted Smith (West Bromwich), Adams (Ironbridge).
Lancashire Combination (2-3-5): John Edmondson (Accrington Stanley), Julius Gregory (Bury), Fred Halliday (Bolton Wanderers), Joe Blythe (Everton), John T. Hunter (Liverpool), Maurice Parry (Liverpool), William Tracey (Bolton Wanderers), Fred Bevan (Manchester City), Wilfred Oldham (Accrington Stanley), Cowell (Nelson), William Roche (Everton).
The goals: 0-1 Oldham, 0-2 Own goal, 1-2 A. Smith, 2-2 A. Smith, 3-2 Adams.


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