The Liverpool F.C. Theatrical gala postponed

Tuesday, February 11 – 1902
A very largely attended special meeting of the General Council (under the presidency of Mr Lewis Peake, chairman), entrusted with the elaborate and exiting work of the annual theatrical gala in Liverpool in aid of local theatrical, music hall, and musicians’ charitable schemes, took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Bee Hotel, Liverpool, for the purpose of making final arrangements in connection with the yearly festival, previously fixed to take place on Thursday last on the ground of the Liverpool Football Club, Anfield, the use of which was kindly granted by the committee of the past year’s champion team of players.

The state of the weather, however, came into great prominence, and was the first subject taken into consideration. Snow had fallen in heavy volume and at frequent intervals since the previous Saturday morning, and the prospects of a successful gala seemed to be anything but rosy. As a preliminary item of the General Council’s proceedings, Mr. Tom Watson, of football fame, reported that he had inspected the ground that morning, when he found that the snow was laying in some places to a depth of seven and eight inches. To clear this would involve the engagement of a large army of men, costing something like £50 or £60, and even with this the ground would not be safe or satisfactory to the artists engaged in the various “shows.”

Mr Tom Bush, hon. Treasurer, in view of this statement, then moved that the gala should be postponed until Thursday, the 27th inst., when better weather might be expected. His proposition was seconded by Detective Chief-Inspector Strettell, one of the vice-chairmen, supported by Mr H.C. Arnold, Mr Walter Sealby, Mr John Gaffney, Mr J.B. McKenzie, the chairman, and others, and on being put to the meeting was carried unanimously.

Various matters of detail in view of the postponement were then considered, and it was agreed that the tickets issued for the 13th should be available for the 27th inst.

All the reports as to progress were highly satisfactory.
(The Era, 15-02-1902)

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