Has Tom Robertson lost his step?

February 15, 1902
Tom Robertson – perhaps one should say Robertson the forward, for there are two of the same name in the Liverpool eleven – has not improved his standing in football by his play this season.

Three years ago when Tom Watson’s men were fighting their fierce series of battles with Sheffield United Robertson was playing a beautiful game at outside left – swift, clever, and a dangerous shot.

His partner, if my memory be true, was Morgan, now playing on the Blackburn left, and who in the same season obtained his international cap, figuring on the Scottish left wing alongside John Bell.

Robertson, who is now on the right, seems to have lost some of the sting of those days. He still skips along quickly, and executes some charming footwork, but there is lacking just that little bit of something “extra” – especially in shooting – which aforetime raised him well above the level even of good outside wingers, and he is not now blessed with the “devil,” say of the other Liverpool extremist, Cox.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 15-02-1902)

Jack Bell, John Cox, Hugh Morgan.

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