Some financial facts about Newton Heath (Manchester United)

Wednesday, February 26 – 1902
A financial statement issued by the Newton Heath F.C. shows that from the date of the formation of the club, June 2nd, 1892, to April 30th, 1901, there had been received from “gates” £27,373 1s. 6d.; tickets, £1,481 16s. 1d.; donations, &c., £333 4s. 6d.; and sundries, £42 6s. 6.d.; making a total of £29,232 8s. 7d.

The expenditure included salaries and wages £20,407 17s. 10d.; checkers and gatemen, £689 19s. 8d.; referees, £539 0s. 4d.; training expenses, £828 3s. 3d.; football utensils, £417 1. 5d.; legal expenses, £271 9s. 7d.; rents, rates, and taxes, £1,136 19s. 11d; printing and stationary, £1,359 12s. 11d.; police, £317 17s. 3d. The total expenditure was £30,995 18s.; and the net loss during the period was £1,763 9s. 5d.

From May 1st, 1901, to January 9th, 1902 (the date of the winding-up order), there was a further deficiency of £235 12s. 8d.

The estimated total assets amount to £127 2s., against which there are preferential claims to the same amount.

The claims of the unsecured creditors amount to £1,900 19s. 4d., to which must be added £769 5s. share capital subscribed, making a total deficiency of £2,670 4s. 4d.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 26-02-1902)

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