Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves 0-3

March 29, 1902
The return Lancashire Combination match between the reserves of Everton and Liverpool was played at Anfield Road in splendid weather. The game at Goodison Park had resulted in favour of Everton, by two goals to nil. A splendid crowd turned out to witness the game, and when the teams faced there would be fully 10,000 present.

The sides were:
Liverpool Reserves: T. Hobin, Jones, Stanley Orritt, William Taylor, Fred Geary, John Davies, C. Stanton, Cooper, Tom Hughes, Soldier, Prescot.
Everton Reserves: Willie Muir, Dickie Boyle, Robert Balmer, G. Clayton, Charles Clarke, A. Brown, Bruce Rankin, Peter Paterson, Walter Tudor, John Proudfoot, Harry Singleton.

Tudor kicked off, and Liverpool who were favored by a crosswind, had the best of the opening play. The Blues defence however, proved safe and Everton took up the running. Hobin saving against the post from Singleton. The danger was no properly cleared, however, for Singleton again got hold about twenty yards from goal, and sent in a beautiful shot just under the bar, Hobin punching out grandly.

The game was contested with plenty of spirit. Muir had to run out a considerable distance in order to assist his backs. He sent the ball into the Liverpool half, but Geary returned to his left wing. Hughes got possession close in, a hot shot from the Liverpool centre going a foot wide of the post. End to end play was the order for a long period after this, neither set of forwards getting much out of the back.

Clarke tried a long shot, which travelled over the bar, and from the goalkick the Reds rushed to the Everton goal, Brown heading out a shot from Stanton at the expense of a corner. This was worked away, and a good run by Rankin led to Paterson forcing a corner off Orritt, Ranking sending wide. A moment later Geary kicked away a good centre from Singleton, but the Everton outside left was foul by Rathbone just outside the penalty line.

The free kick was fruitless, and combined work by the home forwards and the visiting backs were hard pressed. Muir had to leave his goal to clear and then Balmer, Boyle and Clarke, each put in clever tactics. Their work was supplemented by the right wing, and from a throw in near the corner flag, Tudor banged the ball along the ground into the corner of the net.

Everton played up after their success, which came after 35 minutes play, and Clark had hard luck, with a capital shot which hit the side net. Stanton was mainly responsible for the Liverpool attack, but he was will looked after by Balmer. Once Prescot had a chance of opening the scoring for his side, but his shot went nearer the corner flag than the goal. The game was stopped for a few minutes owing to Tudor being hurt, and he had to retire for a time.

On play being resumed, Everton assisted by a couple of free kicks, put on pressure, Singleton sending outside. Stanton and Cooper replied on the Liverpool right, but Clarke and Brown beat them. The ball went to the opposite wing, Soldier shooting yards too high. Proudfoot twice distinguished himself by clever dribbles, and Rankin sent a splendid shot a foot over the bar. In quick succession Boyle pulled up the home left in fine style, and Rankin twice sprinted down his wing without result.

The game was contested in vigorous famous to the interval, a fine first half ending with Everton leading by a goal to nil.

The pace slackened considerably when play was commenced, Everton had the best of matters and Hobin was twice called upon. Brown got in a capital shot from 30 yards range, the custodian getting the ball away from under the bar. A little later, Rankin shot yards wide when favourably situated. Clarke was always conspicuous, the Everton centre half playing a very fine game. He sent in two capital shots, the first being charged down, while the second grazed the post as it passed outside.

Liverpool were completely pnned in, and Hobin saved wonderfully well at the expense of a corner. Following the flag kick, Rankin centred to Tudor, who was under the bar, but he unaccountably sent over. The Liverpool goalkeeper, was applauded for three clear saves, one from Paterson being a capital being a capital bit or work. For a long time, Hobin, was the hardest working man on his side, but he kept goal grandly.

Shots from Singleton Paterson, and Proudfoot went very close, and several corners to Everton were fruitless. At length Jones upset Singleton close in, and Boyle taking the penalty kick, scored after Hobin had saved. Liverpool at last made their first real attack of this half, but Stanton got offside. Half an hour elapsed before Muir had to handle, and then he saved a capital shot from Geary. Rankin was very conspicuous in the Blues front rank and he, and Paterson were continually troubling the Liverpool defenders.

The game was delayed owing to Brown bring hurt, but he was able to resume and close on time Proudfoot headed a third goal for Everton, who won by three goals to nil.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: March 29, 1902)


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