John Waddington transferred to Liverpool

April 3, 1902
The negotiations which were opened a short time ago for the securing by the Chorley club of the well-known players Tommy Bradshaw and John Holmes (brother of the famous back, Bob Holmes) have been broken off, the finances of the club allowing of the consideration of free transfers only.

The club has undoubtedly sustained a severe loss in the departure of John Waddington for Liverpool, the transfer being effected on Thursday evening. Waddington was the most valuable man in the Chorley team, his development as an outside left since he has been with the club having been remarkable.

A satisfactory feature of the transaction is that the amount paid by Liverpool will materially benefit the finances of the Chorley club – assistance which cannot be but welcome to the management.
(Lancashire Evening Post: April 5, 1902)


John Waddington, who learned his football in Poulton (Blackpool), has been considered good enough to be snapped up by Liverpool. Waddington has this year been assisting Chorley, and the Lancashire League club have got a good round sum for his transfer.
(Manchester Courier: April 9, 1902)

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