Liverpool v Bury

April 21, 1902
Liverpool v Bury.
This game meant a tremendous lot to Liverpool, as a loss might really consign them to Division 1. Bury played their full strength, and so did Liverpool. Right at the start a bad step by Charlie Wilson let in Charles Sagar. Billy Dunlop just saved the situation. Liverpool ran back and gained the first corner, from which John Cox put through, but nobody touched it. Cox again ran in and centred finely, and Sam Raybould netted the ball ten minutes from the start.

Several fine runs were put in by Arthur Goddard, but he was closely watched. Liverpool had all the play, and penned the visitors, whose only attempt for some time was a shot over the bar by Jack Plant. Wilson checked another advance, and Liverpool once more got going, Raybould getting the ball and being about to head in, when offside spoiled the effort. A good try at the other end came from Billy Richards, and Tom J. Robertson missing, Bill Perkins just picked up

Liverpool forced Bury back, but though Raybould had a clear opening he sent yards wide. At half-time Liverpool led by a goal to nil. In the second half Goddard was twice within an ace of scoring, and again just before the close the same man missed an easy chance of scoring. Perkins saved several good shots.

Result: – Liverpool, one goal; Bury, nil.
(Sporting Life: April 21, 1902)


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