Edgar Chadwick bought himself

May 3, 1902
A singular development is reported in connection with the Southampton Club. Edgar Chadwick, who scored the majority of the goals in the Cup-tie matches for the Saints, and who is an international and ex-Everton player, has bought his own transfer for £35 from the Burnley Club, whose League player he was, with the object of returning to League football.

It is understood Chadwick was anxious to join Blackburn Rovers, but it is now practically settled he will play for Liverpool next season. It is not unlikely, too, that Arthur Turner, the Southampton international outside right, may also be seen in the Liverpool ranks, despite the fact he stated he intended to retire from football at the conclusion of the present season.

He had also been mentioned in connection with Aston Villa and Everton, and time alone will show what colours he will sport when September comes around again.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: May 3, 1902)