Prelude to the international in Birmingham

May 3, 1902
The teams that are to take part in the replayed International match, England v. Scotland, arrived in Birmingham last night. Up to a late hour there was nothing to lead the officials to suppose that any changes in the constitution of the teams will be necessary.

McColl, Orr, Rennie, Aitken, and Walker made the journey from Glasgow to Birmingham yesterday, and the members of the Glasgow Rangers’ team, with Raisbeck, journeyed there from Liverpool. All attended the performance at one of the theatres.

Of the team which appeared at Ibrox Park three are absentees viz., Doig (Sunderland), Brown (Tottenham), and George Livingston (Celtic). John James Campbell (Celtic), who was originally chosen for the inside left, but could not fulfill the engagement at Ibrox, is again absent. Rennie (Hibernian) will be in goal, and Robert McColl and Ronald Orr (Newcastle United) come into the forward rank, McColl playing centre.

Showery weather prevailed in Birmingham yesterday, and the barometer fell somewhat. The finely appointed ground of Aston Villa appears in good condition. The normal capacity of the ground is from 40,000 to 50,000 spectators, and this can be increased by placing seats on the cycle tract which encompasses the playing space.

On the present occasion there extra resources will not be utilised, the track seats having been lent to the cricket authorities for the approaching Test Match between England and Australia. It is not supposed that Thursday’s secession from the Scottish team will materially weaken that organisation, and a stern struggle is anticipated.

The teams, it is pretty certain, will turn out as follows:
England: Billy George (Aston Villa), Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), George Molyneux (Southampton), Albert Wilkes (Aston Villa), Frank Forman (Nottingham Forest ), Albert “Kelly” Houlker (Blackburn Rovers), Billy Hogg (Sunderland), Steve Bloomer (Derby County), Billy Beats (Wolves), Jimmy Settle (Everton), John Cox (Liverpool).

Scotland: Henry Rennie (Hibernian), Nicol Smith (Glasgow Rangers), Andrew Aitken (Newcastle United), Alex Raisbeck (Liverpool), John Robertson (Glasgow Rangers), Bobby Templeton (Aston Villa), Robert Walker (Heart of Midlothian), Robert McColl (Newcastle United), Ronald Orr (Newcastle United), Alex Smith (Glasgow Rangers).

The kick-off, is at 3.30.
(Evening Telegraph: May 3, 1902)

Andrew Aitken, Newcastle United F.C. and Scotland.

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