Who scored all the League goals 1901-02?

May 5, 1902
The following list shows how the goals in the Football League have been scored – at least who has been credited with having put on the final touches. Of course, the fact that a man places the ball into the net does not, as a rule, mean that he should have the credit for the point, for oftener than not the man who does the best work places the ball for the actual scorer. However, here is the record: –

18 goals:
Jack Dewhurst (Blackburn Rovers), Jimmy Settle (Everton).

16 goals:
Steve Bloomer (Derby County), Billy Gillespie (Manchester City), Sam Raybould (Liverpool).

15 goals:
Fred Priest (Sheffield United), Percy Humphreys (Notts County).

14 goals:
Billy Hogg (Sunderland), James McLuckie (Aston Villa).

13 goals:
Mart Watkins (Stoke), Richard Roberts (Newcastle United).

12 goals:
Billy Wooldridge (Wolves), Jack Calvey (Nottingham Forest).

11 goals:
Willie Wood (Bury), Jack Morris (Notts County), Duncan Ronaldson (Grimsby Town).

10 goals:
Walter Bennett (Sheffield United), Harry Chapman (The Wednesday), Andy Wilson (The Wednesday), Bobby McRoberts (Small Heath), Charles Sagar (Bury).

9 goals:
Andy McGuigan (Liverpool), Laurie Bell (Bolton Wanderers), William Ross (Notts County), Billy Beats (Wolves), John Picken (Bolton Wanderers), Jimmy Gemmell (Sunderland), Joe Bache (Aston Villa), Bill Appleyard (Grimsby Town).

8 goals:
Jock Peddie (Newcastle United), Jack Taylor (Everton), Billy Meredith (Manchester City), James McKie (Bolton Wanderers), Sam Higginson (Stoke), Arthur Lockett (Stoke), Jimmy Millar (Sunderland), Peter Somers (Blackburn Rovers), Arnie Whittaker (Blackburn Rovers).

7 goals:
Albert Monks (Bury), Alf Common (Sheffield United), Grenville Morris (Nottingham Forest), Alf Spouncer (Nottingham Forest), Ronald Orr (Newcastle United), Harry Davis (The Wednesday), Johnny McMillan (Small Heath), Tom Barlow (Bolton Wanderers), Robert Hogg (Sunderland), Jack Sharp (Everton), Hugh Morgan (Blackburn Rovers).

6 goals:
Ben Warren (Derby County), Charles Athersmith (Aston Villa), Ted Pheasant (Wolves), Jack Bell (Everton), Sandy Young (Everton), Tom Holford (Stoke), Jack Aston (Small Heath), Tom Roberson (Liverpool), Adam Haywood (Wolves), George Hedley (Sheffield United).

5 goals:
Fred Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday), Sid Wharton (Small Heath), Jock Rutherford (Newcastle United), Johnny May (Derby County).

4 goals:
Charles Field (Sheffield United), Walter Leigh (Grimsby Town), Harry Williams (Bolton Wanderers), Colin McLatchie (Sunderland), Harry Fletcher (Grimsby Town), Walter Abbott (Everton), Jack Plant (Bury), John Cox (Liverpool), Andy Gardner (Grimsby Town), Matt Broughton (Nottingham Forest), Walter Bull (Notts County), Arthur Leonard (Small Heath), George Lamberton (Bury), George Harris (Stoke).

3 goals:
William Tracey (Bolton Wanderers), Alex Gardner (Newcastle United), Fred Williams (Manchester City), Sam McClure (Blackburn Rovers), Ellis Gee (Notts County), Jock Malloch (The Wednesday), Billy Garraty (Aston Villa), Dick Jackson (Sunderland), Jock Wright (The Wednesday), John Henderson (Manchester City), Fred Forman (Nottingham Forest), Robert McColl (Newcastle United), Jack Miller (Wolves), Colin Veitch (Newcastle United), Ted McDonald (Notts County), Archie Fellows (Wolves), Tommy Niblo (Newcastle United), Archie Goodall (Derby County), Dicky Wombwell (Derby County), Billy Barnes (Sheffield United), Thomas Gray (Bury).
(Sporting Life: May 5, 1902)


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