Jimmy Ross “The Joker”

Thursday, June 12 – 1902
Few footballers were fonder of a joke than Ross. Prior to the time they found a place in the League, North End took a team to play Small Heath in a friendly at Birmingham.

Caesar Jenkyns – who, barring Foulke, is perhaps the biggest and sturdiest footballer who has played in connection with the League – had heard of Ross’s powers, and had made up his mind before the match to “scotch” him early in the game.

Upon entering the field Caesar went up to Ross, and quietly asked: –
Which is that Ross?

Jimmy tumbled to the situation, and pointing to Moses Sanders, replied,
There, and he’s a little terror.

The game had not been in progress long before Moses received a terrific kick from the local terror, which brought him to the ground. The big Welshman was too formidable for Moses to attempt to retaliate, but when, a moment later, he received another tremendous blow, he expressed himself in forcible Lancashire dialect as to what he would do if the Heathen centre half was not careful.

Well, Ross,” replied Jenkyns, “if you can do anything, I am willing to take you on,” whereupon Moses spluttered out, “I’m not Ross; I’m Moses,” to the delight of the whole team, who had been grandly amused by the manner in which Moses had received the knocks intended for the little inside right.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 12-06-1902)

Caesar Jenkyns, Small Heath
Caesar Jenkyns, Small Heath
Moses Sanders, Preston North End
Moses Sanders, Preston North End
Jimmy Ross, Preston North End
Jimmy Ross, Preston North End

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