Jimmy Ross laid to rest

June 16, 1902
The interment of James Daniel, familiarly known as “Jimmy,” Ross, the well-known football player, whose death occurred in Monsall Hospital from erysipelas on Thursday last, took place at the Manchester Southern Cemetery yesterday.

Amongst the principal mourners were Mr. George Ross (brother), Mrs. Garrigan (sister), Miss Ross (niece), Mr. Jack Ross (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. Hulme, Mr. J. Chapman (chairman of directors of the Manchester City Football Club), Mr. G. Madders (director), Mr. J. Parlby, Mr. J. Prowse, Mr. S. Ormrod (secretary), and Mr. F. Cleveland (assistant secretary).

The coffin was covered with wreaths and floral tributes, one from the Preston North End Football Club bearing the following appropriate inscription: “In memory of one of the old invincibles.”

The wreath from the Ground Committee of the City was oval shaped. In the centre was a ball of flowers, cross by a row of blue cornflowers, representing the colours of the club.

The coffin was borne from the hearse to the graveside by W. Meredith (captain), W. Holmes, J. Blackshaw, R. Hunter, Jack Hillman, and J. Broad, late colleagues of Ross.
(Manchester Courier: June 17, 1902)

Note: Manchester Southern Cemetery is also where Sir Matt Busby is buried.  Also Billy Meredith is buried here, but he has no connection with Liverpool F.C. like Ross and Busby.

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