Preston North End’s new secretary

July 14, 1902
Since the annual meeting of the Preston North End club, one of the directors, Mr. Turner, has been carrying out the secretarial duties, but he will soon be relieved, for on Thursday evening Mr. W.E. Bahr, of Liverpool, was elected to the vacancy caused by the appointment of Mr. T. Charnley to the League secretaryship.

Mr. Bahr is 28 years of age and has been secretary of the Liverpool and District Referees’ Association for a few years, indeed in a small way perhaps, he has been an enthusiast in football interests in the Liverpool district. I have meet him several times on referees’ work and found him to be of a most energetic disposition, and I can guarantee the North End people it will not be for the want of energy on his part if North End do not emerge from the slough of despond. With the Guild Bazaar near at hand he will at once be provided with scope for his activity, close season though it be. Mr. Bahr is a League linesman, and was nominated for the ensuing season, but he will now be otherwise occupied on Saturday afternoons. He commences his duties on Monday next.
(Athletic News: July 14, 1902)