Season preview 1902-03: Liverpool F.C. (Liverpool Echo)

August 30, 1902
With regard to the club whose headquarters are at Anfield, we may state that the same contingent of gentlemen who watched over its welfare last season will again be on the management: Mr. William Houlding is chairman; Mr. John McKenna, vice-chairman, and the other directors are Messrs.: Edwin Berry, John Asbury, G. Newman and John James Ramsay, and Mr. Tom Watson, the secretary.

Raisbeck will again captain the first division team, and Dunlop will be his deputy. We understand that the combination team will be run by purely local talent, of which Tom Watson has a plethora to pick from, and he hopes to unearth some goo youngsters.

With regard to McGuigan and Bowen, both of whom were on the injured list at close of last season, they are reported to be quite sound again, and if this is so the Liverpool club will possess one of the finest front ranks in the League – Goddard, McGuigan, Bowen, Livingston and Cox.

Bill Perkins (goal). Height 5ft. 11in.; weight 12st. 2lb. Secured from Luton in the closing month of the 1898-9 season. Has developed finely at Anfield.

Peter Platt (goal). First season. Has figured with Oswaldtwistle Rovers and Blackburn Rovers Reserves.

John Glover (back). Height 5ft. 8in.; weight 12st. 10lb. Played for West Bromwich Albion, Blackburn Rovers, and New Brompton. Third term at Liverpool.

Billy Dunlop (back). Height 5ft. 9½in.; weight 12st. 5lb. One of the finest Scottish left backs in English service. Magnificent tackler.

Don McCallum (back). Formerly with Queens Park. Has done well in Liverpool Reserves a season.

Maurice Parry (half-back). Height 5ft. 6in.; weight 11st. 7lb. Capped several times for Wales. Played for Brighton United. Third year at Anfield.

Charlie Wilson (half-back). Fourth season. His League appearances were very rare in 1901-2 owing to injuries.

George Fleming (half-back). Secured from the Wolves last season. A veteran, and an experienced hand who occasionally goes forward.

William Goldie (half-back). For several years indispensable to Tom Watson’s team. Has not missed a game in two campaigns.

Alex Raisbeck (half-back). Height 5ft. 9½in.; weight 12st. 9lb. Previously played for the Hibernians and Stoke. Joined Liverpool in 1898. Considered the best centre half in England. Capped against England in 1900, 1901 and 1902.

Brown (half-back). A young and budding centre half from Skelmersdale United.

Arthur Marshall (half-back). Returns to Liverpool after spending a term with Leicester Fosse.

Andy McGuigan (forward). Secured from the Hibernians two season ago. One of the fastest forwards, but a succession of injuries kept him out of half the games of 1901-2.

Sam Raybould (forward). For two seasons past has headed Liverpool’s goal-scorers. A clever and reliable centre. Secured from New Brighton.

John Cox (forward). Height 5ft. 9in.; weight 11st. 7lb. Born in Liverpool. Played for Blackpool. Capped against Wales in 1900-1, and against Wales and Scotland in 1901-2.

Arthur Goddard (forward). Secured from Glossop late last season, and more than justified the high opinion. A fast winger and ideal shot.

George Bowen (forward). One of the Wolves’ 1899 finds from Bridgton Amateurs. Injured at Sunderland last September, and has not since reappeared. Tall, fast, clever.

Edgar Chadwick (forward). Height 5ft. 7in.; weight 11st. 2lb. Born at Blackburn in 1870. Played for Blackburn Rovers, Everton and Southampton. Capped against Scotland in 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894 and 1897; Wales 1891; and Ireland 1896.

John Waddington (forward). First season; hails from Chorley, and figured prominently with Liverpool Reserves at the close of last season.

George Livingston (forward). Height 5ft. 9in.; weight 11st. 10lb. Born at Dumbarton. Played for Heart of Midlothian, Sunderland and Celtic. Capped against England in 1902.

Richard Morris (forward). Second season at Anfield. Hails from Newtown, and holds his Welsh international cap. Was a success when tried in League company in April.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 30, 1902)

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