Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers

September 8, 1902
The opening match of the season on the Anfield Road ground, the pitch of the Liverpool club, was with Blackburn Rovers, and the attendance numbered 17,000 people. The game began in glorious fashion, for each side romped away, and the defenders were sorely taxed to keep their lines clear.

At length Crompton, the Rovers’ International captain was seen to be damaged, and Liverpool’s first goal came from that side, Livingston driving in hard for a ten yards range. Then Crompton left the field limping, and Cox, who had put in a grand run along his wing, ran right up to Joyce and shot the ball hard into the net without any opposition. Then just on half-time Morgan for the Rovers beat a couple of opponents, and giving Dewhurst a clear opening he made off and turned the ball into the net. The home lot were soon on the go again, and just before the whistle sounded the interval Livingston put on another goal.

Half-time: – Liverpool, three goals; Rovers, two.

The second half Crompton did not come on owing to a serious injury to his instep. The home side took time by the forelock, and Edgar Chadwick sent in a lightning-like shot. Joyce stopped the ball, but could not hold it, and Cox sent it into the net for the fourth time. Then the Rovers in desperation worked up the field, and in a struggle in front of the home custodian Dunlop put the ball into his own goal. The closing scenes of the game were all in favour of the home lot, and Raybould scored for them again, so that they won by five goals to two.

Liverpool: Bill Perkins, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Charlie Wilson, William Goldie, Arthur Goddard, George Livingston, Sam Raybould, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
Blackburn Rovers: John Joyce, Bob Crompton, Jack Eastham, Bob Haworth, Harry Hindle, Neil Logan, Walter Whittaker, William Bow, Jack Dewhurst, Hugh Morgan, Fred Blackburn.
(Source: Sporting Life: September 6, 1902)


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