Height and weight of Sunderland F.C. players

September 15, 1902
The heights and weights of the Sunderland League team are:
Ned Doig, 5ft. 9¾in., and 12st. 9lb.;
Andy McCombie, 5ft. 9½in., and 12st. 6lb.;
Jimmy Watson, 5ft. 10in., and 12st. 4lb.;
Archie Annan, 5ft. 9in.; and 11st.10lb.;
Billy Farquhar, 5ft. 7½in., and 11st. 5lb.;
Sandy McAllister, 5ft. 7in., and 12st.;
Dicky Jackson, 5ft. 8in., and 11st. 9lb.;
William Barbour Aitken, 6ft. and 12st. 9lb.;
Billy Hogg, 5ft. 9in., and 12st.;
Robert Hogg, 5ft. 8in., and 12st. 3lb.;
Willie Maxwell, 5ft. 9½in., and 13st.;
Jimmy Millar, 5ft. 9in., and 11st. 12lb.;
Jimmy Gemmell, 5ft. 9in., and 12st. 7lb.;
Colin McLatchie, 5ft. 10in., and 13st.;
Joe Hewitt, 5ft. 8in., and 11st. 6lb.;
Willie Murray, 5ft. 6in., and 12st.
(Athletic News: September 15, 1902)