Irish League v English League 2-3 (Inter League: October 11, 1902)

October 11, 1902
International: Inter League, at Solitude (Cliftonville, Belfast).
Irish League – English League 2-3 (2-2).
Attendance: 12,000.
Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson (Glasgow, Scottish League); linesmen: Messrs. James Boyle (Derry Celtic) and John Lewis (Blackburn).
Irish League (2-3-5): Jim Lewis (Glentoran), Bill McCracken (Distillery), W. Clay (Belfast Celtic), John Darling (Captain, Linfield), William “Darkie” Morton (Distillery), Jack Wattie (Glentoran), James Campbell (Cliftonville), Herbert Pratt (Bohemians), Hugh McKelvey (Glentoran), Hugh Kirkwood (Belfast Celtic), Harry Buckle (Cliftonville).
English League (2-3-5): Tom Baddeley (Wolves), John Glover (Liverpool), Jim Iremonger (Nottingham Forest), Dan Nurse (West Bromwich), Tom Booth (Everton), Ted McDonald (Notts County), Billy Hogg (Sunderland), Steve Bloomer (Captain, Derby County), Jack Calvey (Nottingham Forest), Charles Sagar (Bury), Bert Lipsham (Sheffield United).
The goals: 0-1 Calvey, 1-1 Darling (penalty), 2-1 McKelvie, 2-2 Bloomer, 2-3 Bloomer (87 min.).


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