Irish League v English League 2-3 (Inter League: October 11, 1902)

October 11, 1902
International: Inter League, at Solitude (Belfast).
Irish League – English League 2-3 (2-2).
Attendance: 12,000; gate receipts: £360.
Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson (Glasgow).
Irish League XI (2-3-5): Jim Lewis (Glentoran), Billy McCracken (Distillery), Bill Clay (Belfast Celtic), John Darling (C; Linfield), Bill Morton (Distillery), Jack Wattie (Glentoran), James Campbell (Cliftonville), Herbert Pratt (Bohemians), Hugh McKelvey (Glentoran), Hugh Kirkwood (Belfast Celtic), Harry Buckle (Cliftonville).
English League XI (2-3-5): Tom Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers), John Glover (Liverpool), Jim Iremonger (Nottingham Forest), Dan Nurse (West Bromwich Albion), Tom Booth (Everton), Ted McDonald (Notts County), Billy Hogg (Sunderland), Steve Bloomer (C; Derby County), Jack Calvey (Nottingham Forest), Charles Sagar (Bury), Bert Lipsham (Sheffield United).
The goals: 0-1 Calvey (6 min.), 1-1 Darling (penalty, 25 min.), 2-1 McKelvey (30 min.). 2-2 Bloomer (43 min.). 2-3 Bloomer (89 min.).

Images from Athletic News: October 13, 1902.

Harry Buckle and Bill Clay.

John Glover and Ted McDonald.


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