England Select XI v Scotland Select XI 0-4 (William Goldie’s benefit)

Monday, November 3 – 1902
Match: Benefit for William Goldie, at Anfield.
England XI – Scotland XI 0-4 (0-3).
Attendance: 5,000.
England XI (2-3-5): Jack Whitley, John Glover, Bob Balmer, Sam Wolstenholme, Thomas Chadwick, Charlie Wilson, Arthur Goddard, John Brearley, Sam Raybould, Albert Monks, John Cox.
Scotland (2-3-5): Archie Montgomery, Don McCallum, Bill Henderson, George Fleming, John Russell, William Goldie, Jack Taylor, George Livingston, Andy McGuigan, Jimmy Sheridan, Tommy Dilly.
The goals: 0-1 Dilly (15 min.), 0-2 Dilley, 0-3 Sheridan, 0-4 Sheridan.

At Anfield-road yesterday. W. Goldie the popular left half of the Liverpool team, took a well-deserved benefit. A match of international character was arranged, players of England and Scotland being chosen from the Everton and Liverpool clubs. as neither teams possesses a Scottish custodian. Montgomery, of Bury turned out.

Although the weather was inclined to be showery, the attendance numbered 5,000 at the start. George Augur, the big man from the Hippodrome, who is 7ft 6ins in height kicked off for England, who early on attacked, the Scottish goal escaping narrowly.

The Thistle forwards ran down by cleverly combined play, Whitley saving beautifully from the left wing. The game was by no means a bad one, good play being shown by both teams.

After a quarter of an hour’s play Dilly opened the scoring with a goal for the Scotsmen. For some time, after this the Englishmen had to defend. Dilly forcing a fruitless corner. At the other end Brearley once had a good chance, shot yards over the bar. Another goal came for the North Country men, through the agency of Dilly, and then England bucked up.

Montgomery made three splendid saves, the last one being from Raybould, who had run between the backs. Then Sheridan beat three opponents very cleverly and gave McGuigan possession, the Liverpool forward sending a hot shot over the bar.

A grand bit of work by Taylor resulted in Sheridan adding a third goal for Scotland. Amid cries of “play up England” the whites ran down, but failed to pass the backs. At length Goddard got away, but Fleming cleared his centre.

Half-time Scotland 3 goals England 1.

The Englishmen showed better form on resuming, and twice Goddard, almost got through, while Montgomery saved from Raybould. For some time the Scotsmen had to defend, and after Montgomery had saved a fine long shot from Chadwick, Raybould had a fine effort charged down.

Then the Scotch front rank showed what they could do, and for a few minutes quite nonplussed the opposing defence. Whitley had to handle from Taylor, McGuigan, and Dilly, and after Montgomery had performed similarly from Goddard, Sheridan skipped round Glover, and put on a fourth goal for his side.

The Englishmen retaliated strongly, and Cox put through, but was offside. Goddard and Brearley each shot badly, and then Scotland again took up the running, Whitley saving splendidly on several occasions. Each end was afterwards visited without result, both Whitley and Montgomery giving splendid exhibition of goalkeeping.

Nothing further was scored, and an interesting game ended in favour of Scotland by four goals to nil.
(Liverpool Courier 04-11-1902)


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