Liverpool’s return to form

December 13, 1902
Liverpool’s defeat of Grimsby Town last week by nine goals to two was the biggest score in class football that day, Liverpool’s biggest of the season, and one of the biggest scores in their career as a club.

It compares very favourably with Everton’s performance against the Fishermen at Goodison – four goals to two. There is no mistake about it, when the Liverpool forwards are in a scoring mood they can get goals with a vengeance, witness their scores of five goals each against Blackburn Rovers and Middlesbrough. I am pleased to say that Chadwick got two of the goals against Grimsby. It was touching to see his pride in his own performance. He was as pleased with the ball as a baby with its rattle, though not, perhaps, for the same reason. The rattle is new to the baby. Now a goal cannot be said to be new to Edgar – he must have got a great many goals in his time – but his performance on Saturday last were an assurance that he has not yet lost his power to get more; hence his juvenile delight. Raybould, by the way, got four of the nine goals, without showing any particular emotion; but then he is not an “old ‘un,” like Edgar; when he is, he will be just as pleased as Chadwick was to show that he is not yet a “good old has-been.”
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: December 13, 1902)

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