Trawden Forest v Liverpool Reserves 1-1 (League match: January 10, 1903)

January 10, 1903
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Cottontree.
Trawden Forest – Liverpool Reserves 1-1 (0-1).
Trawden Forest (2-3-5): James Arnott, Robinson, Blackshaw, Nutter, Watkins, Grime, Nunnick, Savage +3.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, Don McCallum, Stanley Orritt, William Taylor, Andrew Raisbeck, George Fleming; Jack Parkinson, Tom Hughes, Tommy Green, John Carlin, Yates.
The goals: 0-1 Parkinson (40 min), 1-1 Nunnick (85 min.).

The match between Trawden Forest and Liverpool Reserves was played at Colne on Saturday. The visitors decided to play down the slope, and attacked immediately. The Trawden halves, however, repulsed the attack, and Blackshaw got away, shooting outside. The Liverpool left afterwards threatened danger, and Carlin missed by inches. Continuing on the aggressive, the visitors threatened Arnott’s charge several times, a long range shot by Taylor giving the custodian a lot of trouble. Though the smart play of Nunnick and Savage the Trawden left got away, but Grime shot weakly. A sustained attack by the home players followed, a couple of corner to Liverpool, but the visitors packed their goal and averted danger. Just before the interval Parkinson scored for Liverpool after a fine run down the right wing.

The Foresters on the resumption had the advantage of the slope, and they pressed continuously. The defence of the Liverpool backs was excellent and averted danger. Several exciting scrimmages occurred, but the heavy state of the ground made the work of the players tremendously trying. Watkins sent in a fine shot, and a minute later Perkins only partially cleared from Nutter. Matters began to look bad for the Foresters, but five minutes from the finish Nunnick equalised with a long dropping shot. The Liverpudlians were remarkably quick on the ball, and were exceedingly dangerous on the few occasions when they got away with the ball, giving Arnott one or two difficult shots to negotiate. When the whistle blew, however, the teams were one goal each.
(Burnley Express, 14-01-1903)

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