Liverpool’s Goddard and Raybould to represent North

January 17, 1903
The International Selection Committee met at Derby on Saturday evening, and selected the teams for the North v. South match, to be played at Tottenham on 26th January. Mr. J.C. Clegg presided.

The teams were selected as follows:
North – Harry Linacre (Nottingham Forest); Howard Spencer (Aston Villa), captain, Jim Iremonger (Nottingham Forest); Ben Warren (Derby County), Bernard Wilkinson (Sheffield United), Dicky Jackson (Sunderland); Arthur Goddard (Liverpool), Billy Garraty (Aston Villa), Sam Raybould (Liverpool), Charles Sagar (Bury), and Bruce Rankin (Everton).

South – George Clawley (Tottenham Hotspur); Stokes (Reading), George Molyneux (Southampton), Tom Morris (Tottenham Hotspur), Watts (Reading), and Albert “Kelly” Houlker (Portsmouth); Craggs (Reading), Daniel Cunliffe (Portsmouth), Vivian Woodford (Chelmsford and Tottenham Hotspur), R. E. Foster (Old Malverians), captain, and R. Corbett (Old Malverians).
(Edinburgh Evening News: January 19, 1903)

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