Meeting of the Football League (February 27, 1903)

February 27, 1903
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held yesterday at the Midland Hotel, Derby. Mr. John James Bentley presided, and there were also present Messrs. T.H. Sidney, John Lewis, Howard Radford, John McKenna, W.W.Hart, George Leavey, and William McGregor.

At the last meeting it was left to the president to arrange for the transfers of Jesse Pennington, of Aston Villa, and Seabrook, of Blackpool. Both were amateurs, and the president reported in favour of free transfer, which was confirmed.

Sheffield United reported Mr. Jack Howcroft in their match at West Bromwich. The ground of the complaint was not incompetency, but strong exception was taken to his action in allowing Sheffield a goal, and pointing to the centre, and afterwards consulting one of the linesmen and altering his decision giving a goal kick. The Sheffield argument, which was supported by Mr. Bott and Mr. Nicholson, was to the effect that the match ought to be replayed. The committee, however, decided that, in accordance with precedent, they could not go behind the referee’s decision, such matters being rather within the province of the Football Association.

Notts County asked for permission to play their home match with Stoke on the Forest ground, on April 11, their lease of Trent Bridge ground expiring on March 31. The application was granted.

Blackpool was reported for being late at Glossop on February 17, having missed the train at Manchester. They were fined a guinea. The linesman, F.J. Broughton, who had missed the same train, was fined half-a-guinea. Nottingham Forest were fined 10s for making a late return.

Nottingham Forest had been called on to explain how it was they had not played their full team in the home match with Stoke. Their explanation was not considered satisfactory, and the matter was adjourned until the next meeting to enable the Forest to produce more conclusive evidence in support of their statement as to the cause of absentees not playing.

The team to represent the League in the annual match against the Scottish League at Glasgow on March 14 was afterwards selected as follows: – Tom Baddeley (Wolves), Howard Spencer (Aston Villa, captain), Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Harry Johnson (Sheffield United), Tom Booth (Everton), and Walter Abbott (Everton), Harry Davis (The Wednesday), Steve Bloomer (Derby County), Sam Raybould (Liverpool), Joe Bache (Aston Villa), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday).
Referee: Mr. J Torrans, Belfast.

It was decided to hold the next meeting at Liverpool on April 6.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: February 27, 1903)


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