A cap for Richard Morris

March 9, 1903
Richard Morris has again been given an international cap by the Welsh Association, and will play inside left at Cardiff to-day.

Born in Newtown, Montgomery, some 24 years ago, he learnt his football there, and proved himself an adept as a left-wing forward.

Richard Morris, Liverpool F.C..
1903 Richard Morris

His career was checked by the outbreak of hostilities in South Africa, for Morris was one of the first volunteers to go out to the war from Wales. He went through many exciting experiences unscathed, and on his return, safe and sound, resumed football with the Druids last season.

His abilities were so patent that he was selected to take part in the International trial matches at Wrexham, and played in such a style that he was awarded his cap in the English, Irish, and Scotch games.

Twelve months ago Mr. Tom Watson secured his signature to a League form, and it is no secret that more than one prominent League club was anxious to secure him.

He is rather on the small side, to be exact, 5ft. 5in., but he is sturdily built, and weighs 11st.

This winter he has been very seldom seen in the League team at Anfield; for Edgar Chadwick and John Cox, the usual left pair, have been successful, and fortunate in escaping accidents. Morris is, however, always fit for an emergency, and there are those who consider he ought to be given more frequent opportunities.

He is very clever with the ball, passes well, and infuses any amount of dash into his work. Did he boast but a few more inches he would be an ideal forward. Inside left is his favourite position, and with youth on his side, he should become a useful player. Morris is steady, well educated, and accomplished.
(Athletic News: March 9, 1903)


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