Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool 0-2 (Abandoned League match)

Saturday, March 14 – 1903
Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Molineux.
Wolverhampton Wanderers – Liverpool (0-2) match abandoned at half time due to heavy rain
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. D. Hammond (Heywood).
Wolverhampton Wanderers (2-3-5): Jimmy Stringer, George Walker, Jackery Jones, Jack Whitehouse, Ted Pheasant, Billy Annis, Archie Fellows, Billy Wooldridge, Billy Beats, John Smith, Jack Miller.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, John Glover, Alex Raisbeck, Maurice Parry, George Fleming, William Goldie, Arthur Goddard, George Livingston, John Carlin, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
The goals: 0-1 Cox (15 min.), 0-2 Own goal (Stringer.).

A fiasco at Wolverhampton.
The sluice gates of Heaven seem to have opened on Saturday in the Midlands, and at Wolverhampton rain fell for about seven hours without ceasing, and when Molineux Grounds were opened the downfall was extremely heavy and pitiless. The rain swept across the playing area in sheets, and drove spectators to shelter, though they did not pay any extra charge, but broke all bounds and careered along the track to the covered position.

The teams turned out in the driving storm, and started the game. Stringer went into goal for the Wolves, while Walker from centre-half position, partnered Jones at back, and Pheasant dropped into a vacant position in the half-back line. On the Liverpool side Raisbeck partnered Glover, while Fleming, the ex-Wolf, stood in his old position at centre-half.

The players were seen to be in difficulties, and they tried long kicking, but the ball skidded on the greasy patches. About fifteen minutes from the start Cox, out of sheer desperation, took a flying kick at the ball. The sphere went towards the right hand-upright, the inside of which it struck and rebounded into the net.

A player leaves the field.
Truly a wonderful slice of luck, but under the prevailing condition of things it was anybody’s game indeed. Beats left the field, and did not return. An attack by the Liverpool quintette signalled danger, but a hot shot from the right wing was coped with by Stringer. To the surprise of the crowd referee Hammond, who seemed undecided, stopped the game, and went across to one of the linesmen, with whom he consulted. He then returned and walked apparently to the other linesmen, but changed his mind and kicking the ball into the centre gave a goal.

The spectators hooted, for there had not been the slightest ground for such a decision. The referee though no doubt that Stringer was inside the post when he saved but an examination of the spot afterwards showed distinctly that Stringer was sixteen inches out from the goal-line when he saved.

The men floundered about, and presented pitiable sights, and eventually after five minutes’ exhibition of an aquatic nature, the referee whistled the game as abandoned, with Liverpool leading by the two goals scored. Under the circumstances it was the only thing to be done, although hard upon Liverpool.
(The Athletic News, 16-03-1903)

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