Bill Perkins and his nerves

April 4, 1903
Bill Perkins was so conspicuous a failure against Sheffield United last week that he was superseded on Monday night, when Liverpool played Sunderland; Peter Platt returned to the posts, and though the arrangement may not be a permanent one, it will be permanent as regards Perkins – he will not be Liverpool’s custodian next season.

He is a singular case of degeneration; a player usually improves with experience. He is really an intelligent chap, but he suffers from “nerves,” and it is really his self-distrust that has brought about his super session once more, and for the last time.

He cannot complain, for he has had lots of chances; and if he thinks meanly of himself, it is very natural for others to take him at his own valuation. It is especially true of goalers that they ought to have a good conceit of themselves.
(Lancashire Evening Post: April 4, 1903)

1904 Perkins

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