Grimsby Town v Liverpool 3-1 (League match: April 4, 1903)

April 4, 1903
Match: Football League, First Division, at Blundell Park, kick-off: 15:30.
Grimsby Town – Liverpool 3-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 6,000.
Referee: Mr. A. Hall (Derby); linesmen: Messrs.: W. Bridgwater and F. Louch.
Grimsby Town (2-3-5): Walter Whittaker; Alex McConnell, Dave Gardner; Archibald Dunn, Ben Hall, Alfred Nelmes; Harry Fletcher, Fred Rouse, Duncan Ronaldson, Jimmy Long, Harry Singleton.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Peter Platt; John Glover, Billy Dunlop; Maurice Parry, George Fleming, William Goldie; Arthur Goddard, George Livingston, Sam Raybould, Edgar Chadwick, Richard Morris.
The goals: 0-1 Raybould (9 min.), 1-1 Ronaldson (57 min.), 2-1 Rouse (59 min.), 3-1 Ronaldson (88 min.).

Grimsby Town defeated Liverpool
Despite their apparently hopeless position Grimsby Town are making a game effort to escape from the Second Division, and on Saturday in the presence of their own supporters they squarely and fairly beat Liverpool by three goals to one.

The visitors had to take the field minus the services of Alex Raisbeck and John Cox, engaged elsewhere, but they had capable understudies in Fleming and Morris respectively. The Fishermen made a couple of changes at the last moment, playing McConnell and Ronaldson in place of George Mountain and Bill Appleyard.

The afternoon turned out beautifully fine, but the experiment of a shilling gate was evidently one that did not command itself to the regular supporters of the club, and, consequently, there was the smallest gate seen at Blundell Park for the last two seasons.

The play.
Liverpool win the toss, and during the first half had a strong advantage from the wind, which blew the length of the ground, and, in addition, also had the sun at their backs. They made great use of these conditions, and during the initial forty-five had certainly the better of the play, and were quite entitled to their lead of one goal to none when ends were changed. This goal came from the foot of Chadwick, and was a real beauty, Whittaker not having the slightest chance.

Grimsby improved towards half-time, but the efforts of the forwards in front of goal lacked sting. Raybould got the ball into the net a second time, but the referee had adjudged him off-side, though it must have been a desperately near thing.

The second half saw the home side to great advantage, as starting with rare dash Fletcher hit the post in the first minute with a lovely shot, and then after Whittaker’s charge had escaped narrowly, Ronaldson was responsible for a solo effort, and when everyone was looking for him to pass out to his wings he shot and equalised amidst great enthusiasm. Platt made a desperate effort to intercept the shot but failed.

For the next few minutes the Town were all over their opponents, and from a scrimmage close in Rouse gave his side the lead. Singleton got the ball into the net a third time, but to the amazement of everyone the referee disallowed the point, and threw the ball up.

However, before the finish Fletcher got in a great shot, which Platt only partially stopped, and Ronaldson rushed the ball into the net. This, of course, settled the match, and the concluding stages were somewhat uninteresting, the end coming with the home team winners as stated.

The Town deserved their victory if only by reason of the fact that for once in a way they took advantage of their chances, and when they had the wind in their favour they literally made rings round their opponents. Rouse did very well, and impressed one as having every appearance of a first class man.

The halves behaved splendidly. Nelmes being brilliant in the second half. Both backs were safe and under pressure kicked remarkably well, while Whittaker kept a rare good goal and made some particularly fine saves.

Turning to the Liverpool team, their defence was the outstanding feature of the eleven. Although beaten three times, Platt kept goal well, and both backs, and Parry, Goddard, Chadwick, and Raybould were most conspicuous.
(Athletic News: April 6, 1903)


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