‘Liverpool Daily Post’ and ‘Echo’ (Limited)

Wednesday, April 8 – 1903
This company has been registered with a capital of £300,000 in £1 shares, to acquire the business of newspaper proprietors, printers, publishers, &c., carried on at Liverpool and elsewhere, including among the assets the papers known as the ‘Liverpool Daily Post,’ the ‘Liverpool Weekly Post,’ the ‘Liverpool Echo,’ and the ‘Liverpool Football Echo,’ to accept a written proposal made by Messrs. H. Gaskell, T. Brocklebank, E.K. Muspratt, T.S. Timmie, F.H. Gossage, A. Billson, H. Brocklebank, A.C. McCorquodale, J.C. Gamble, and A.G. Jones, and to carry on the business of newspaper proprietors, printers, &c.

The subscribers and directors are Messrs. H. Gaskell, Liverpool; T. Brocklebank, Liverpool, ship owner; E.K. Muspratt, Seaforth, Liverpool; T.S. Timmie, Liverpool, soap manufacturer; F.H. Gossage, Liverpool, soap manufacturer; A. Bilsson, Rowton Castle, near Shrewsbury, solicitor; H. Brocklebank, Liverpool, ship owner; A.C. McCorquodale, Shrewsbury, paper maker; J.C. Gamble, St Helens; and A.G. Jones, Birkenhead, newspaper proprietor.

There will be no initial public issue. The first-named subscriber takes 30,998 shares, the next seven 29,909 shares each, and the last two 14,999 shares each.
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 08-04-1903)

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