No goals in the Anfield derby

April 11, 1903
The holiday attraction in Liverpool was the meeting of Liverpool and Everton yesterday afternoon at Anfield. Glorious weather prevailed, and long before, the time of kick off it was evident that the meeting of the rivals would bring together a crowd limited only by the capacity of the ground. Every available inch of space was taken, and the seats placed on the field itself were rapidly snapped up. It was estimated that there would be about 30,000 spectators present.

Everton won the toss, and therefore had the advantage of playing with their backs to a brilliant sun. The opening exchanges were even, but from a throw in Crelley miskicked an effort from Raisbeck, and Kitchen had to clear. A moment later, from good work by the home right, Raybould had a chance, but he tipped the ball softly and Kitchen easily cleared.

The Everton dashed away on the left, and Bell forced a corner from which shot after shot from the Everton vanguard was charged down. Liverpool retaliated and Raybould headed in a nice centre from Goddard, the Everton custodian stopping a bouncing ball. Glover checked a rush by Young and Settle and after a foul against Liverpool had been got away, Raybould got in a clever pass to Cox, but the winger was too much hampered to utilise it. Liverpool attacked and Raybould forced a corner, which was cleared.

The game was fast even, and exciting. Settle dashed away, and with only Platt in front of him shot in. Platt half cleared, the ball hitting the upright, and rebounding across the face of the goal, where Goldie sent it behind, the corner proving fruitless. Everton were now having slightly the best matters. Jack Sharp beat Dunlop and centred well, but Young’s shot went wide, and after one from Taylor had been charged down Abbott shot a foot high.

After a brief visit to the other end Everton forced a corner, and from this a bully ensued in the home goal. Platt cleared apparently from well inside the net, but in the scrimmage in which Settle was hurt, the whistle was sounded for a foul against the attacking party Everton still attacked but without result, and although Raybould did his best from the left wing no progress was made, the visiting halves showing grand form.

Parry put in a bit of real service by charging down a shot from Abbott, but the Reds continued almost continuously on the defensive. A sudden dash to the other end, resulted in Livingston missing a good chance, and Everton again attacking, Sharp missed at short range. From a centre from Cox Goddard missed with a flying shot, and a nice run by Goddard and Livingston ended in Kitchen clearing from the former.

Play was afterwards more even, but the visitors’ Good work made the most dangerous attacks by Cox, and Chadwick gave a perfect chance to Raybould, but he could only tip the ball into the hands of Kitchen. At the other end Everton put in some hot work, and the home custodian narrowly escaped disaster. Play afterwards slackened down, and the interval arrived with a clean sheet. Half-time Liverpool nil, Everton nil.

The second half opened at a fast pace. Liverpool attacked, but were checked, and then Sharp tested Platt, with a beauty, which was well cleared. Everton still pressing, Platt ran out and cleared, and hurt himself in the process, but soon resumed.

Nice work by the visiting right wing availed nothing and at the other end Crelley gave a corner which proved fruitless. Liverpool were the better side at this stage. They forced another corner on the right, and Goddard again placed it well. It appeared as though the ball was forced over the line into the net, but the claim was not sustained.

Livingston was afterwards making progress, when he got across with Crelley and a wrestling match ensued in the catch-as-catch-can style. Mr. Lewis interfered, and gave a foul for Liverpool. Jack Sharp then made tracks to the other end, and, but Raisbeck floored him in questionable fashion, a foul resulting. The kick proved of no advantage to Everton, but these incidents imparted a little heat into the game, which continued to be contested at a hot pace.

Goldie a sent wide from long range, and afterwards Raybould at close quarters skied the ball, and thus missed a grand chance. A pretty pass from Goddard gave a clear run to Raybould, who carried the ball down, but lost control of the leather, and Kitchen ran out and cleared.

Booth was instrumental in changing the venue, and Sharp once more beat Dunlop, but Glover kicked out. Resuming the attack, Liverpool forced a corner, but this was the extent of their success. A free kick was given for Glover to handled, but Parry cleared in the goalmouth and then Goddard dribbled across and put Cox in possession. The winger’s centre took the ball straight to Raybould’s toe in front of goal, but, to the disappointment of their home supporters, the centre once more failed, the leather slipping off his toe.

Everton afterwards made play, but could not get within shooting distance, and at the other end a shot from Raybould was charged down, and a second from Chadwick missed by a foot. Still attacking Cox put in a good centre, and Raybould absolutely threw a goal away by a ridiculous miss under the bar. Liverpool were undoubtedly having the best of matters, but the shooting was bad.

Final Liverpool nil, Everton nil.

Liverpool: Peter Platt, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Arthur Goddard, George Livingston, Sam Raybould, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
Everton: George Kitchen, William Henderson, Jack Crelley, Sam Wolstenholme, Tom Booth, Walter Abbott, Jack Sharp, Jack Taylor, Sandy Young, Jimmy Settle, Jack Bell.
(Liverpool Courier: April 11, 1903)

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