Liverpool and District Notes: April 27, 1903 (Athletic News)

April 27, 1903
Closing scenes at Anfield
In marked distinction to what was the case at Goodison Park a week ago, the final stage of the League season was celebrated at Anfield in invigorating fashion. Bury brought with them the insignificant bauble which has caused so much excitement since the advent of February, and as this trophy is somewhat of a curiosity in this city quite a number of people surrounded the table on which the Cup was laid, and admired it with wondering amazement. What they would do if either Liverpool or Liverpool became the twelve months’ possessor of it I should not care to say, but there does not seem much likelihood of such a happening, though I amongst others considered that there was a team in Liverpool this year capable of silver, but also the League championship, and this not the Everton eleven either.

The Anfielders played a capital game against Bury, and in George Livingston they have discovered an ideal centre-half. Against Middlesbrough, in the occasion when Charlie Wilson was injured – and in parenthesis I am pleased to state that Tom Watson was able to bring him to Liverpool the other day – the ex-Celt displayed grand form here. Richard Morris also played a very pretty game, though he is inclined to stick to the ball too long. His passes are always forward, and to a man like Arthur Goddard, whose speed is so palpable, he would prove a rare partner.

Despite the rumours which are so prevalent at this time of the year, I feel assured that the en at present sporting the Liverpool colours will be seen in evidence next season wearing the familiar red jersey. I do not suppose that footballers are treated with more consideration than the Anfield players anywhere in the contrary, and as they are all receiving the maximum weekly wage, what more could be desired? Liverpool have shown splendid football this season, and I hope to see the same familiar faces four months hence. But more of this anon.

Room for Raybould
As the champion goal scorer in the First Division of the League, Sam Raybould deserves a paragraph to himself. Twice did he net the ball against Bury, and by doing so credited himself with thirty goals during the now rapidly closing campaign. Compared with his work last season, Raybould has this year exhibited surprising improvement, and how much of this is due to the heavy work of Edgar Chadwick on his left wing cannot be overstated. However, Raybould has been pretty well on the premises, and for one player to score thirty goals in one season is a feat of which the Liverpool centre may be justly proud. He has rendered splendid service for his club, and I trust he will be seen in like vein next season at Anfield.
(Source: Athletic News: April 27, 1903)

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