Meeting of the Football Association (June 10, 1903)

June 10, 1903
An important case affecting Association Football were set for adjudication at the Grand Hotel, Manchester, last evening. The case was regarding the conduct of three of the Liverpool club players, William Goldie, John Glover, and Sam Raybould, who were asked for an explanation as to why they left Liverpool and signed on for Portsmouth, a club in the Southern League.

The reason for this action on the part of the Association was contingent on the rule that provides that no player shall receive more than £208 per annum, and the decision that a player refusing to re-sign for his old club, who offered him the maximum sum, and going elsewhere, should, if thought necessary, be called upon for an explanation.

The commission was represented by Messrs. J. C. Clegg, C. Crump, J. S. Sherrington, J. Hughes, and Frederick Wall, secretary of the Football Association.

It was announced that Goldie, Glover, and Raybould had advanced the reason for migrating in Portsmouth that they desired a change. Further, the claimed the right of joining any club they pleased, it being contended that the Association forms given to players to sign were for one season only.
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph: June 11, 1903)


June 13, 1903
The commission of the Football Association which met at the Grand Hotel, Manchester, on Wednesday, to consider a complaint by the Liverpool club against Portsmouth, in that they had induced three of their players – William Goldie, John Glover, and Sam Raybould – to leave them by a contravention of rules 31 and 32 of the F.A., came to the following verdict: –

That the registration of Sam Raybould, dated May 1, 1903, and of William Goldie and John Glover, dated May 4, 1903, be cancelled. That Raybould, Goldie, and Glover be suspended from taking any part in football until 31st December, 1903, and that the players be not allowed to re-sign for Portsmouth F.C. on their expiration of their suspensions.

That R. Blyth, the manager of Portsmouth F.C.m be suspended from taking any part in football or football management until 31st December, 1903. That H. Stringfellow be suspended for three months from taking part in football from June 10, 1903.

That the Portsmouth F.C. be fined £100.

Rule 31 provides that professionals shall not be interfered with until their engagements have terminated, and Rule 32 fixes the limit of the bonus, and also the maximum wage to be paid to players.
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph: June 13, 1903)


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