Season preview 1903-04: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 24, 1903
The players who have been secured to fill the vacancies caused by the secession of such old familiar figures as William Goldie, Sam Raybould, and John Glover, and, in a less degree, George Livingston, have been previously noted, but their names will bear repetition.

There are two candidates for left half – Herbert Craik, who hails from Greenock Morton, standing 5ft. 10in. and scales 10st. 10lb.; and the Welshman John Hughes, of Aberdare, height 5ft. 8in. and weight 11st. 7lb. Both come with excellent credentials, and there should be no difficulty in maintaining the reputation of the intermediate line, with this pair to select from.

For right-back three men have been signed on, namely – Joe Hare, from Southampton, 5ft. 10in. and 11st. 10lb.; John Chadburn, West Bromwich, 5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 9lb.; and John McLean, Vale of Leven, 5ft. 9lb. and 11st. 9lb. At full back, therefore, there seems ample material to provide a sturdy defence.

Forward, there is Frederick Buck, West Bromwich, 5ft. 5½in. and 10st. 7lb.; who will probably partner Arthur Goddard on the right wing; but it is at centre where most anxiety will be felt. There are two players who will probably be given trials in this position – Sidney Smith, 5ft. 10in. and 11st. 7lb.; and Henry Nixon, 5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 4lb. The former is the son of a local schoolmaster, and is himself also in the same profession. He was captain of St. Mark’s College eleven, Chelsea, and played for the Anfield reserves on three or four occasions during the Christmas vacation last winter. Such was the favourable impression created by his display that he is likely to furnish the pivot of the attack in the early League matches. Nixon is also a local player hailing from the south-end of the city, and he showed prominently with the reserve string during the past season.

Of the old brigade, Peter Platt, Billy Dunlop, Alex Raisbeck, Maurice Parry, John Cox, Edgar Chadwick, Arthur Goddard, and Richard Morris are available, which is not a bad nucleus for a capable side.

Another goalkeeper is wanted, but this will probably have been remedied ere the season opens. I hear good reports of Wilson, who, it will be remembered, was injured at Middlesbrough last season. His leg has thoroughly healed, and he will be seen out again, though not in the early matches.
(Athletic News: August 24, 1903)

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