Nottingham Forest v Liverpool.

September 7, 1903
The City Ground, Nottingham, was on Saturday the venue of a capital game between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool, when the “Reds” won only by a bare majority. The weather was perfectly lovely, and 10,000 people turned out to witness the game. The home side had several opportunities which they missed.

After seven minutes’ play the home side got in front and scored by Morris. The visitors claimed offside, but the referee had no hesitation in awarding a goal. Too close passing lost Liverpool a chance, and a foul by Fleming helped the Forest only for Dunlop to clear.

The visitors then attacked in persistent fashion. Corners were forced both by Goddard and Buck, and, try as they would, the Forest could not force the visitors away until Chadwick made a fine shot which hit the post and went behind.

From shots by Goddard, Cox and Chadwick, the Forest goal escaped in extraordinary fashion, but for some time after this the game assumed a more open aspect, and from a sudden dash by Turner, Parry had to kick a head behind his own lines to clear from a corner.

However, Spouncer headed a second goal after thirty-seven minutes’ play. Platt ran out and cleared from Morris, while Sugden had a splendid shot charged down.

Half-time: Nottingham Forest, two goals; Liverpool, nil.

The second moiety saw Liverpool defending right at the start, and though each side strove strenuously to score it was not until half an hour had gone that Liverpool scrimmaged the ball through. In the meantime Iremonger shot wide from a penalty against Dunlop for tripping Morris.

Towards the close Liverpool had the better of the game, but their forwards were weak in front of goal, Smith being very prominent in this respect.

Result: Nottingham Forest, two goals, Liverpool, one goal.

Nottingham Forest: Harry Linacre, Charlie Craig, Jim Iremonger, George Henderson, Sammy Timmins, Bob Norris, Alfred Turner, Jack Calvey, Sidney Sugden, Grenville Morris, Alf Spouncer.
Liverpool: Peter Platt, John Chadburn, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, Arthur Goddard, Frederick Buck, Sidney Smith, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
(Source: Sporting Life: September 7, 1903)


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