Liverpool v Sheffield Wednesday

September 14, 1903
The visit of the League champions to Anfield Road, Liverpool, on Saturday, proved a great attraction, and fully 20,000 spectators assembled. The crowd included several thousands who had made the journey from Sheffield by excursion train, and, the day, being fine, they had a good outing, and made their presence felt.

Both sides were representative. The Blades went to work in the most methodical manner, and Raisbeck and his backs had all their work cut out to foil a couple of attempts. They managed, however, Platt twice having to make two attempts at getting rid of the ball. The Wednesday were a really tricky lot, and all the home defence felt a pinch time after time.

At last the first goal of the day arrived, and that to Liverpool. Davis gave a free-kick, and this was nicely taken, and Chadwick put in a fine bit of work that left Cox with a rare opening, and the recent beneficiary made no mistake with a crashing low shot that flew into the far corner of the net. The ensuing five minutes saw Liverpool splendidly in evidence. Lyall being plied from all quarters, but he kept a good goal, although Parry once had hard luck with a shot that travelled across the goal-mouth.

After twenty-eight play a sad blunder by Platt gave Wednesday an equalizing goal as Huddleston dropped in a long shot. Platt ran out with the evident intention of picking up but mis-red the ball completely, which his backs had left to him. The result was disastrous as the ball rolled straight for goal, Wilson rushing up to finish the business.

Two minutes later fine work between Simpson, Chapman and Wilson ended in the last named giving his side the lead with a fast low shot, which Platt found impossible to cope with, and at half time Wednesday led by two goals to one.

The Wednesday had all the luck in the matter of scoring, but tough their goals were a big fluky they were deserved on the play. The game was fought at a fast pace in the second half, the visitors having the advantage. The home defence was fully tested, Platt saving well. The Blades pressed almost continuously, the home side falling to pieces. Platt saved grandly from Simpson and Davis, the latter ultimately scoring at close range. Play was afterwards more even.

Result: – Wednesday, three goals; Liverpool, one goal.

Liverpool: Peter Platt, John Chadburn, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, Arthur Goddard, Frederick Buck, Sidney Smith, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
The Wednesday: Jack Lyall, Willie Layton, Ambrose Langley, Robert Ferrier, Tommy Crawshaw, Herrod Ruddlesdin, Harry Davis, Harry Chapman, Andrew Wilson, Jock Malloch, George Simpson.
(Source: Sporting Life: September 14, 1903)


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