Hugh Morgan transferred to Dundee

September 23, 1903
Dundee’s right wing has not performed so satisfactorily this season as last. Bell, the outside man, has shown a falling off, probably due to the want of an efficient partner. Dickson has been tried, but has hardly proved a success, and to remedy matters and bring the right more in conformity with the left, Dundee Executive set about to secure a new player. To-day it is officially announced that Hugh Morgan, the well-known internationalist, has been signed, and will in the near future take up the role of partner to Bell on the right.

Morgan is admittedly on the old side, yet how often do players who have reached his years (27) appear to receive a new lease of life when the company is changed. Examples of this can be found in Boyle, who two years ago was transferred from Everton, and is now playing for Dundee as well as ever; Campbell gone to Third Lanark from Celtic, and Sandy Keillor still continues to be a hero at Montrose.

Morgan is a Scottish League-, as well as Association, internationalist. He took part in the Scotland-Ireland inter League at Carolina Port in 1898. In the same season he represented Scotland against Wales, and in the following year he was at Birmingham playing for Scotland against England.

When a junior, and playing for Longriggend, he was selected by the Scottish Junior Association to play against England at Birmingham in 1895. Immediately after this he became a senior, and played for St. Mirren. After being at Carolina Port in 1898 he was transferred to Liverpool, and together with Tommy Robertson was as a wing a decided success at Anfield. He afterwards went to Blackburn Rovers, and it was with this Club that Dundee had to negotiate ere Morgan could be signed.
(Source: Evening Telegraph: September 23, 1903)


The directors of Dundee are not at all pleased with the right wing, and with the view of bringing it on par with the standard established by Lennie, McFarlane, and Wilson, they have just signed on Hugh Morgan for the inside right position.

Morgan is the well-known St. MirrenLiverpoolBlackburn player, and comes with an excellent reputation. There are those who think that he is included in the category headed “done,” but the Dens Park executive seems to be confident that there is still a lot of football in him.
(Source: Edinburgh Evening News: September 25, 1903)


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