Throstles in feather

September 28, 1903
The meeting of the Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion teams on the ground of the Liverpool club on Saturday was expected to produce Liverpool their first win, and hence the disappointment was great when the Albion won. The day was beautifully fine, the ground in good order, and 15,000 people attended.

After the home team had pushed back the Albion, Goddard dropped in a glorious centre, which unfortunately just topped the cross-bar. Subsequently the Anfield defenders became very erratic in their work mistake after mistake being made. It was due in chief to this that the Albion scored the first goal of the day after but six minutes’ play. Hadley got in some fine work against his wing for which he was cheered, and parted to Hobson, who, however, lost the ball. It should have been McLean’s clearance, but Dunlop intervened, and gave a needless corner, from which Simmons easily beat Platt.

Parry had his knee hurt, and was off for some time. Meanwhile the Albion had not sundered from his absence, and Hobson, who shaped well near goal, almost added a second point. By only a stretch of imagination could it be said Liverpool were giving satisfaction. The half-back line was fearfully weak, Craik doing absolutely nothing. The work of the team as a whole, was in fact of the most disjointed character.

The Albion continued to have all the best of the game, and the crowd became ironical. Cohesion was a minus quantity in the home front line, and the Throstles’ back and halves, made the Albion the gift of a second goal. Hobson being the executant, and this – shall we say death knell? – materialized after thirty minutes’ play.

But worse was in store, for the ball had only just been set moving again when Dorsett was given a clear field, save McLean and Platt. The former he easily outwitted, and then drawing Platt out of goal easily netted, and the Albion were deservedly three goals ahead at half-time.

When the game was resumed the home side were a little better, but not much. They attacked several times and often, but the game continued on even lines, and the “Reds” looked as far as ever from pulling up their leeway. Cox scored after 18 minutes’ play from Goddard’s centre.

Liverpool improved. However, it was only temporarily, but Platt was in splendid form. Liverpool on the whole, gave a wretched exhibition, the Albion winning handsomely.

Result: – Albion, three goals; Liverpool, one goal.

Liverpool: Peter Platt, John McLean, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, Herbert Craik, Arthur Goddard, Frederick Buck, John Carlin, Edgar Chadwick, John Cox.
West Bromwich Albion: Ike Webb, Amos Adams, Jesse Pennington, Dan Nurse, Jim Stevenson, Harry Hadley, Harold Clements, Charlie Simmons, Fred Hobson, Tommy Worton, George Dorsett.
(Source: Sporting Life: September 28, 1903)


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