Liverpool got first call

Saturday, October 3 – 1903
Following the meeting yesterday of the Consultative Committee of the English Football Association, the Commission appointed to consider the case of the suspended Liverpool professionals who had signed on for Portsmouth arrived at the following decision: –

Having regard to the special circumstances leading to the suspension of Sam Raybould, William Goldie, and John Glover, the Commission consider that the Liverpool Club should be allowed to enter into negotiation  with the players in question during the last month of their suspension (December) with the view of entering into agreements for service on the 1st of January 1904, but no payment shall be made before that date. The agreement and registration forms to be deposited with the Secretary of the Football Association, and the certificates to be issued by him on the 1st of January 1904.

It was at the same time officially stated that it is an offence for any other Club to approach these players whilst they are under suspension.
(Evening Telegraph, 03-10-1903)

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