Football League meeting (November 6, 1903)

November 6, 1903
A meeting of the Management Committee of the English Football League was held at the Mosley Hotel, Manchester, on Friday. Mr. John James Bentley presiding.

Teddy Daw and Paddy Logan, who are respectively on the Leicester Fosse and Woolwich Arsenal transfer lists, applied for a reduction of their transfer fees. Daw’s was reduced from £50 to £10, and Logan’s from £125 to £50.

It was reported that Derby County had sent in a claim of £76 10s against Small Heath, owing to having, at the request of the Birmingham club, played them at Derby on September 1, instead of December 12. The consideration of the claim was postponed.

It having been alleged that some clubs paid referees and linesmen more than the amount fixed by the League, the secretary (Mr. Charnley) was instructed to draw the attention to the clubs and officials to the fact that this was a breach of Rule 20, which provides that “Any club paying a referee more than his just fee and railway fare shall be deemed guilty of misconduct.”

The following transfers were approved:
Charlie Hinks, Manchester City to Stoke;
B. Green, Ayr to Bradford;
Tommy Coxon, Burslem to Stoke;
Albert Kaye, Sheffield Wednesday to Stockport;
Thomas Turnbull, Sheffield United to Partick;
Johnnie “Toby” Mercer, Leicester Fosse to Derby County;
Reg Hounsfield, Sheffield Wednesday to Derby County;
Bill Joyce, Burton to Morton;
Albert Hellewell, Barnsley to Bradford;
J. Jeavons, Wolverhampton Wanderers to West Bromwich;
Fred Pentland, Blackpool to Blackburn Rovers;
Rab King, Leicester Fosse, Hamilton Academicals;
John Carthy, Blackburn Rovers to Blackpool;
Alf West, Barnsley to Liverpool;
Jimmy Moir, Celtic to Blackburn Rovers.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: November 7, 1903)

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