The cotton weaver Peter Platt

November 26, 1903
Reg Williamson, the smart Middlesbrough custodian, was picked up by his present masters in a junior cup final two seasons ago. He is a Redcar lad, and works in an office every day, doing his training at night.

Peter Platt, the youthful but usually brilliant Liverpool goalkeeper, is, we believe, still engaged at his “trade”, that of cotton weaver.

Jack Bell, assiduously works all week in his cycle business, yet at his advanced stage of football life manages to step forth at Deepdale in the pink of condition; whilst Harold Hardman, the sprightly Everton amateur, practices as a solicitor, and practically does no training of any kind.

Yet we have (say the “Football Field”) scores of people identified with club management who are ready to unhesitatingly declare that a present day League footballer cannot do himself justice under such circumstances.
(Edinburgh Evening News: November 26, 1903)