What now for John Glover and Archie Goldie?

December 30, 1903
“A few weeks ago,” writes Mr. John James Bentley in the “Umpire,”:
“We were told that John Glover and Archie Goldie of Liverpool, intended to migrate to Plymouth; but during the past few days we have read that they were going to the Third Lanark. It is quite possible in either case, but it may be as well to point out that until New Year’s Day the players alluded to are bound to Liverpool – in other words, they cannot be approached until after the end of the present year.

“So far as the League is concerned, negotiations with the Liverpool Club may be opened at any time, but in connection with the Football Association the players are in an exactly similar position  they would occupy during the month of April.

“Suspensions by the Football Association are recognised by the Scottish Association, and very properly so, too; and if the Third Lanark have been tampering with either Goldie or Glover, they have infringed  the laws. I don’t know much about Goldie’s intentions, except that I believe he means to remain in Scotland, and that after being brought out by Liverpool and receiving a substantial benefit, he treated them most shabbily; but I do know that up to Thursday, long after the news had appeared, Glover had not received any offer from the Third Lanark.

“Glover has taken a public house in West Bromwich, with a five years’ lease, and it is not likely to leave it unless he can better himself. Still there is the off chance, for Mr. F. Heaven, the secretary of the Third, is a West Bromwich man. But in any case, the man ought not to be approached until the New Year and the clubs doing so are running a great risk.”
(Evening Telegraph: December 30, 1903)

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