The return of Sam Raybould

January 9, 1904
Some supporters of Liverpool were quite disappointed that never a goal was notched by the Anfielders on the occasion of Raybould’s reappearance.

Certainly it was hardly satisfactory to have an hour and a half go by without a single goal to show for all the efforts put forth; but I should have said the self-same thing if Raybould had not been playing.

It is quite obvious that you cannot fairly expect Raybould, after eight months’ absence from the game, to drop at once into the form he was displaying last season. That high standard of effectiveness may come in a game or two, and, if it does, Liverpool may still escape the indignity of reduction to Division II.

I really do think the players are good enough to pull the club out of the hole, great though the task may be. Parkinson, by the by, is a most improved player, and if Chadwick or Morris were inside left instead of Buck, the attack would be strong, or it ought to be.

There is certainly cleverness, but not, perhaps, sufficient “devil.” Raybould’s dash should assist in the eradication of this fault.
(Lancashire Evening Post: January 9, 1904)

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