Lancashire Combination transfers’

Thursday, January 21 – 1904
At a meeting of the Lancashire Combination Committee at Bury, last evening, the transfers of the under mentioned players were sanctioned: –
A. Boulton, Accrington Stanley to Chorley St. George’s;
J. Strachan, Darwen to Padiham;
W.S. Hughes, Ashton Town to Skelmersdale United;
W. Hartley, Chorley St. George’s to Atherton C.H.;
C. Hampson, Clitheroe to Accrington Stanley;
J.R. Broughton, Padiham to Colne;
H. Rothwell, Manchester United to Manchester City;
T. Radcliffe, Bolton Wanderers to Bolton St. Luke’s;
J.W. Jones, Bolton Wanderers to Heywood;
W. Booth, Heywood to Hyde St. George’s;
S. Bradley, Bolton St. Luke’s to Hyde St. George’s;
R. Hargreaves, Oswaldtwistle Rovers to Chorley St. George’s;
J. Barford, Accrington Stanley to Oswaldtwistle Rovers;
J. Hulligan, St. Helens Town to Ashton Town;
P. Gregson, Brynn Central to Southport Central;
R. Walmsley, Ashton Town to St. Helens Recreation;
S. Dean, Brynn Central to Ashton Town;
J. Foster, Bolton St Luke’s to Black Lane;
A. Morrow, Rossendale United to Oswaldtwistle Rovers;
J. Leigh, Earlestown to Bolton Wanderers.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 22-01-1904)

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