Preparing the Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala for 1904

January 22, 1904
The preparations for the annual Liverpool Theatrical Gala in aid of local charities and general theatrical and music hall benevolent schemes, which takes place on the Liverpool Football Ground on Tuesday, February 9th, are now being actively carried out by a strong and representative General Council which has the scheme in hand.

As a pleasant preliminary to the always interesting event, the leading ladies now taking part in the local pantomimes held a most enjoyable reception at the Shakespeare Theatre on Friday afternoon, the 22nd inst.

The guests were received in the foyer by Miss Rose Hamilton and Miss Elise Cooke (Court Theatre), Miss Lily Harold and Miss Valli-Valli (Prince of Wales’s), and Miss Queenie Leighton and Miss Zena Dare and her sister, Miss Phyllis Dare (Shakespeare).

The hostesses wore picturesque gowns and handsome furs, and the dresses of the ladies present included the brightest of winter costumes. During an interval in the entertainment tea and light refreshments were served, after which the ex-Lord Mayor (Sir William Watson Rutherford, M.P.) made a few interesting remarks concerning the forthcoming gala.

First, he regretted that owing to a slight indisposition the Lady Mayoress was unable to be present. Mr Rutherford had the honour of being patron of the Theatrical Gala last year, and was happy to say that during the seven years since its institution the amounts collected year by year have shown a great increase.

Last year the sum was £830, largely due to the enterprise and hard work of the ladies who made street collections. This year there was to be a change in the proceedings, and he thought it was a better idea that, instead of those street collections, each theatre should give a matinee performance in aid of the fund, in addition to the usual gala. He hoped that all those present would keep an eye on dates, and book all the seats for the matinees, and so secure a “bumping success.”

On his own and Mrs Rutherford’s behalf, as well as on behalf of the guest who had spent so enjoyable an afternoon, he wished to thank the management of the Shakespeare, the orchestra, the entertainers, and the ladies who had so kindly invited them for their pleasant gathering.

A choice programme of orchestral music was given by the Shakespeare Theatre orchestra, under the conductor-ship of Mr R.J. McDermott, and excellent numbers were provided by Madame Lydia Yeamans-Titus, Mr De Hanan, Mr C. Morritt, Mr W.H. Atkinson, and others.

The entire arrangements were capably carried out by Mr Fred Willmot.
(Source: The Era: January 30, 1904; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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